Inixindo Makassar

INIXINDO was founded in July 15, 1991, almost at the same time when Open Systems gained its popularity in the nineties. It was started by a vision of the founder of INIXINDO, Ifik Arifin, a graduated Informatics (Computer Science) at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, who figured out that Open Systems and the Internet era would dominate the IT market.
INIXINDO was born to support multiple platform from UNIX to Windows and variety of UNIX versions, from IBM AIX to SUN Microsystem’s Solaris, and also the fantastic LINUX Operating Systems.

In the journey of INIXINDO in year 1995 Internet started to be the new era and it has changed the way of communication, programming, user interface design, database access and virtually anything that has to do with information technology.

Since the booming of Internet in 1995 Inixindo has been growing rapidly and expand its offering to serious IT Proffesionals in Database, Web Design and Programming, Hardware and Network Troubleshooting, and also to Executives with little or no knowledge of IT and its applications.

Trusted from IT Industry Leaders

In 1998 Inixindo gained the trust of Cisco Systems and was appointed as its authorized Learning Partner for Indonesia. Inixindo has invested a lot of Cisco Products, so that students can practise day to day operation, solve problems with real equipment such as routers, catalyst switches, IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), PIX Firewalls, VPN Concentrator and many others. Probably one of the most complete training equipment in Asia Pacific.

What makes us different with it's competitors

What makes INIXINDO different with its competitors, is the ability of INIXINDO to update its courses materials (kits) with the latest development of Technology. And that’s why we set our strong willingness in our motto “Continuous Learning Keep Up To Date”

Until now INIXINDO has trained more than 4000 IT professionals a year from more than 1000 national and multinational companies. INIXINDO has also established strategic alliances with big multinational IT companies such as IBM, Cisco Systems, Oracle Corp, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Software AG and many others.

Commitment for Consistent Quality of Training Services

Outstanding results that has been achieved by INIXINDO was a reflection of commitment for consistent quality of training services both from its well-experienced instructors and from comprehensive training material.

Holistic Approach

Learning is not only about high quality course materials, instructors or facilities. Learning is at the core of all we do. That’s why we understand the holistic approach of learning is a continuous process. The process begin when you’ve encountered a technical problem, decide that you need a training, select which training and where to get training, attend the training class, evaluating the program at the end of the training, and leverage what you have learned to the real world application. At INIXINDO, we take care of the whole process to make sure that you will learn an optimal value.


All courses were developed and delivered using a unique application/solution-oriented approach. This approach enables participants to identify and learn the most important and workable part of a technology to be implemented based on their own needs. Each course is given in a balanced composition between concept/theory and hands-on or workshop.

Our instructors bring their real-world experience to the classroom to share with you what has been learned in the field over the years. Let us help you stay up to date in the latest technologiesby providing hands-on learning in the classroom — both physical and virtual.

Our mission is to become catalyst for IT professionals in implementing Information Technology better, faster and efficient. So many innovative tools and technologies, and so little time. Our portfolio of learning solutions can help you work smarter and learn faster, whether it is Internetworking, programming tools, database, web services, operating systems or more.

Caring, That’s What We’re All About

There is a value we consider essential to any successful business relationship, and that is to help our customers achieve its ultimate technology objectives. We know you count on us to listen to your needs and deliver upon those expectations. When it comes to attention, we always focus on details.

Learn from the Source

INIXINDO is the only computer learning centers in Indonesia that offers more subject matters than others. By becoming Cisco Learning Partner, Oracle Approved Education Provider, Oracle Workforce Development Program, Borland Learning Partner, Authorized Sun Education Center, Security Certified Program, The XML Academy, and Prometrics and Vue Testing Center, we bring you to learn from the best, we bring you to learn the technology from its origin.

Learn from the Best

We define the best as: a company that has serve its customers for 20 years continuously, a company that has trained more than 55,000 IT professionals, IT users, and IT decision makers, a company that award trust by more 1,000 companies from all industries, globally and locally, a company that regularly win various awards and appreciations from principal partners, a company that put the benefit for its customer on top of everything. So be the best, by learning from the best.